Friday, 6 December 2013

Belfast Beer Fest

I recently moved house and this lead to me being exiled from the internet for much longer than planned, so this update has been a while coming...

22nd November meant a glorious half day and an opportunity to hit the Belfast Beer Fest before the crowds got there. Think I preferred the old set up of beers dedicated to a “bar” rather than the alphabetical order thing but I still managed to get to the bar and order a beer or 3! I even got to tick 4 beers off the list (it could have been 5 but they seemed to have Tribute on rather than Proper Job which I was hoping for).

Given the time delay these are going to be quick reviews!

Beers from “1001 Beers..."

187. Green Jack Ripper Tripel. Style: Barley Wine?. ABV: 8.5%
This was described as a barley wine in the tasting notes and on rate beer. I'm not sure that's how I'd describe it, but then who am I to disagree. Sweet and sticky, very warming finish. I rather enjoyed it. 
Score: 7

188. RCH East Street Cream. Style: ESB. ABV: 5%
My notes for this one are pretty unreadable! A premium bitter, some malt, some caramel, but it didn't do too much for me. 
Score: 5.5

189. Butcombe Gold. Style: Bitter. ABV: 4.4%
Another bitter, this one a bit lighter. Though I got a very ashy finish that wasn't that pleasant. A bit too weak and light for me (or as one of my party said "pish"). 
Score: 4.5

190. O'Hanlon's Port Stout. Style: Stout. ABV: 4.8%
A stout with a splash of port... what's not to like? One of the better beers of the day for me.
Score: 7.5

I'm not going to cover some of the other beers outside the list sampled this time, as my notes are crap as I was too busy talking rubbish to anyone who would listen... but two other beers sampled are worthy of a mention Whitewater's Bee's Endeavour and Otley Saison Obscura. The Bee's Endeavour was nice warming and I enjoyed the honey and ginger, pretty good stuff. Saison Obscura - a darkly tastly belgian inspired ale - was probably my other favourite beer with the Port Stout, interesting stuff and worth try if you see it.
The next post (sooner rather than later hopefully) will cover the Belfast Beer Club on 28 November @ the Hudson Bar looking at Belgian Beers! A heads up though, the next one - looking at stouts and porters - is on 12th December. Stick it in your diary now as its sure to be a good night!



  1. Good review. Like I said in my blog, one man's mmm is another man's meh. I just don't get Bees Endeavour. But Otley's Saison Obscura was good to a point where I actually went back for more (well it WAS free as I was behind the bar)

  2. Cheers Roy! Bee's Endeavour was probably helped by being the first thing i tasted, was ready for a beers and there it was... May a second taste would have not been as good but it did the job at the time. Free beer you say... how does one volunteer? :)