Thursday, 10 April 2014

A beer searching for a celebration

I was hoping this wee beer would be imbibed to celebrate something good this weekend past, The grand National let me down (again), then the ref had a go at ruining the ulster match in the first 4 minutes, it was a great performance for the Ulster boys but just not enough to get the win. Finally a different ref tried to spoil the Liverpool game, but the boys battled through for a hard fought 3 points. So after all that, I felt I deserved this...

203. Sierra Nevada Celebration (2013)
Style: IPA. ABV: 6.8%. From: 
Description: Poured dark amber and hazy, with a good white head that last well. Grassy hop aroma, plenty of pine, and citrus - mainly grapefruit. The hops are front and centre in the taste, some sweetness and grapefruit, the middle is some nice caramel malt, and the finish is decently bitter and dry, some pine here too. Light to mid bodied, stick mouth costing.
Thoughts: Tasty stuff, may be slightly older than it should have been (given this is a Christmas IPA!), may have been even more bitterness in its pomp, but still enjoyable.
Score: 7.5

Managed a couple other beers too:
163. Wild Beer Sourdough
Style: Sour/Wild. ABV: 3.6%. From: Grange Wines
Description: Pale cloudy yellow; no head at all. Lots of vinegar and acid on the nose. Taste is acid (cider vinegar), citrus, bready yeast. Light. 
Thoughts: This was really quite good; tart, zesty, refreshing. Worth trying if you like that sort of thing.
Score: 7

164. Kinnegar Yannaroddy
Style: Porter. ABV: 4.8%. From: Vineyard
Description: Black, translucent, light tan head. Roasted malt aroma; some coffee. Roasted malt taste, slight sweetness - though not sure you'd pick it out as coconut though. Mid to full bodied; slightly oily finish.
Thoughts: The second Kinnegar brewing beer I've really enjoyed, could have taken a bit more coconut but other than that, what's not to like. 
Score: 7


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