Thursday, 4 December 2014

Catch up.

Man I have been tardy at this lately. It's just hard enough to get the time to drink beer these days, never mind blog about it. 

So, how am I doing against 1001 Beers? Last one I posted about was number 237, a quick catch up below (no photo's):

238. O'Kells IPA
One of three O'Kells beers in the list and one I had before I even realised it was in there. It's actually ok in a pretty traditional English IPA way. Nothing I'd go out of my way to find but a solid enough 6.

239. Kostritzer Schwarzbier
Solid dark lager, decent roast malt and chocolate with plenty of fizz, and ok bitterness. I'm not one for too many dark lagers but could manage this one again. 6

240. O'Kells Aile
The best of the O'Kell's I have had. Smooth, toasted, chocolate, coffee. Nice hint of smoke in there too adding a little bit of complexity but still easy drinking. 6.5

241. O'Kells Mac Lir
A wheat beer but not much in the way of the interesting esters and fruits from the best examples. I drunk it probably won't be buying again.

242. Brasserie Ellezelloise Hercule Stout
The most interesting beer in this list. Really nice Bruin: roast malt, chocolate, but lighter than most porters and with more sugar, a hint of twangy tartness and marzipan. Of this lot definitely the one worth seeking out and buying. 9% though so watch out! 7.5

Two now picked up at Belfast Beer Fest:
443. Woodfords Wherry
For me this falls into the "boring brown bitter" category. Twiggy, earthy and ashy, and not enough hop to cut through. Nor for me I'm afraid. 4

444. Cairngorm Tradewinds
It might have been the mix of beer I had before it, it might have been it condition, but I thought this was pretty dire. A wheat beer that did have some fruit but it was all overripe banana and not much else. One to miss. 3.5

I have a separate piece still on the stone beers to post at some point when I can be bothered, but I wanted to post this to highlight the fact that Boundary Brewery Co-op share offer is currently live. From what I've heard and seen - these guys know their stuff and should be producing some really exciting and innovative local brews. I'm really pleased they are heading towards their target already, so if you want to get in and own a piece of a local brewery get in now before the opportunity goes!


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