Thursday, 6 February 2014


Belfast has got quite beery hasn't it... A trip out in late January took in the Hudson, Aether & Echo, the Dirty Onion, the Harp Bar, Alley Cat and Bittle's Bar - with only the Harp Bar showing a real paucity of options. I mean a few of these places have beer menus... the place has come on a bit from the days of "Laurence", and long may it continue! 

 I'm not going to review the beers (I lost my note book somwhere over the course of the day... and almost my phone but it included the Kernel in Hudson, Flying Dog in Alley Cat, Bourbon County Stout in Bittles!) but cheers for a good days craic to the boys who traipsed around the town and thanks for putting up with me!

Anyway - following that I took a bit of a two week sabbatical from brews to give me, and my taste buds, a chance to chill out.

But tonight I thought, lets try something new.From outside the list:
129. Wild Beer Ninkasi Premier Cru
Style: Belgian Strong Ale. ABV: 10. From: Lighthouse wines
Description: Poured pale yellow, a little cloudy, small white head. Lots of tart green apple on the nose , with some sour yeasty esters, boozy but dry finish. Mid carbonisation. Did I mention apples?
Thoughts: Preferred it to Ninkasi I think. Not very "beery" with all the apple but quite refreshing. Boozy heat means this is a sipper. Nice, and I would drink again, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy it.
Score: 6.5

Hope for a few more beers over the weekend - and a run to the Lighthouse to check out there new offerings!


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