Friday, 24 January 2014

Beer for Breakfast

So, next up on my journey through "1001 Beers to Try Before You Die" is another beer from Founders:

197. Founders Breakfast Stout
Style: Imperial Stout, ABV: 8.3%, Purchased: Lighthouse Wines
Description: Pours black with a decent tan head. Aroma of COFFEE (it need those caps) and some roasted malt, maybe some tobacco in there too. Again plenty of coffee taste, some bitter dark chocolate Think and creamy, though finishes with a slight sweet vanilla note. 
Conclusions: I came to this expecting big things... and its good but its not great. There's a little too much coffee in there for me (I'm not a coffee drinker though) that makes it a wee bit too one note when compared to their well balance, rich and frankly sexy porter!
Score: 7.5

Next up a round up of a few new beers tried from outside the list. First, a new Northern Ireland Brewery, Pokertree.

No. 126 outside the list - Ghrian Golden Ale
Style: Golden Ale, ABV:4.5%, Purchased: Lighthouse Wines
Description: Light Golden in colour, a small white head. There's some citrus in the aroma, and a little floral note, but not "perfumey". Some lemon peal, and a little spice in the taste along with the coriander, but quite well balanced. Light and drinkable
Conclusions: I was inspired to pick this beer up following Stephen Barr's post on Belfast Beer Blog, having missed it at the Belfast Beer Fest in November. Described as a golden ale, it's more like a wheat beer/wit. I really enjoyed it: light, drinkable, and easy going but yet interesting and tasty. In one word I'd say it's "quaffable". May even be my second favourite local beer, after the mighty Hopplehammer - though if you're tempting non-beery friends to try something new this might be a better "introductory" beer.
Score: 7

No. 127 outside the list - Weihenstephaner Dunkle 
Style: Dunkle, ABV:%, Purchased: Gap Wines
Description: A surprisingly light brown. Hazy with a big tan head. Aroma of banana and toffee. Taste follows that, I go so far to say banoffee like with some brown sugar. Light but a little sticky.
Conclusions: Beer that tastes like banoffee, I'm in.
Score: 7.5

No. 127 outside the list - Wild Beer Scarlet Fever
Style: Amber Ale, ABV:4.8%, Purchased: Lighthouse Wines
Description: Red and hazy, with a small head. Apple and funky smells. Malty taste, a little toffee, a little apple, some thing strange in the background I can't quite place. Bitter and dry finish
Conclusions: Just didn't do it for me, I was getting a weird after-taste that meant that while the beer was OK, I wouldn't buy again.
Score: 5

Another day out in Belfast tomorrow... the Hudson here I come!


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