Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beers and Birmingham

This post was supposed to follow quickly behind the last one... then work and family life happened. Well plus a trip to Ulster Rugby and then off the Birmingham with the boy! So we'll start off the the beers I didn't get to last time round - no more ticks from "1001 Beers unfortunately.

140. Kernel London Sour 

Style: Berliner Weisse. ABV: 2.8%. From: The Vineyard.

Description: Pale, pale, straw colour, clear, no head. Smells vinegary with lots of yeasty esters. Tart, sour, lots of lemon rind. Very light.
Thoughts: I've only had Berliner Weisse before with the syrup in... I think I prefer it that way. This was tart and refreshing but not a great sour for me.

Score: 6

141. Thornbride Tzara 

Style: Kolsch. ABV: 4.8%. From: Light House Wines
Description: Bah, lost my notes for this one... Pale, sweet fruit aroma (a hint of strawberries), sweet start with a slightly bitter finish. Light bodied.

Thoughts:Not sure I really got Kolsch before this beer, this was light and refreshing. Tasty stuff perfect for a warm summers day. Apparently Kolsch's don't travel well - my need to get to Koln to find out!

Score: 6.5

142. Kinnegar Maddyroe 
Style: IPA (Burnt red!). ABV: 5.7%. From: The Vineyard.

Description: Burnt amber colour with an off white head. Great IPA aroma, citrus and grapefruit, something floral too - a little caramel and spice. Starts off all citrus hop, but again that sweet burnt caramel malt and spice comes through on the finish. Mid bodied.
Thoughts: This stuff was great, really nice mesh of smells and flavours that created a tasty, drinkable beer. I know this was supposed to be a one off... really hope they brew more.
Score: 7.5

143. Oakham Citra 
Style: APA. ABV: 4.6%. From: The Vineyard.
Description: A dark straw colour, clear, with a decent white head. Pure citrus hop aroma, fresh grass. A little tropical fruit, decent bitterness that doesn't linger too long. Light but a slightly oily mouthfeel.
Thoughts: Tasty enough without being mind blowing. 
Score: 7

That lot was followed by a trip to Birmingham! The Wellington looked good but I didn't actually get a pint there as they weren't serving food. Brewdog was but couldn't convince the boys to stay here too long - but the Magic Rock Cannonball was worth trying (the Tactical Nuclear Penguin less so...). To much craic to take notes but overall I enjoyed Birmingham as a city more than I though I would. Would go back - but wouldn't rush there.

Next up Cardiff for a stag doo - Tiny Rebel's Urban Tap House will hopefully get a visit... anything else I need to be checking  out?


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