Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crafty Cardiff

Last weekend: Birmingham. This weekend: Cardiff. Next weekend: Bed...

A whole lot of not getting out much came to a sudden and juddering halt with a boys day night in Birmingham (that was supposed to involve going to a football match but failed) by a stag weekend in Cardiff. Have to say Cardiff is purpose built for that sort of thing... the hotel we stayed in seemed to be all drunken men in costumes and one very confused Spanish family. I think they survived it, I just squeaked though. To quote Indiana Jones "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage".

Anyway normally this type of thing wouldn't be that suited to this blog but Cardiff was good for a bit of Craftwankerness as well - I even ticked another beer from the list:

199. 3 Founteinen Oude Gueuze
Style: Gueuze. ABV: 6%. From: Urban Tap House.
Description: It was a stag night, strangely I didn't have my note book with me so those won't be extensive notes! Was a pale cloudy yellow with a good white head. Big funky tart aroma - lemon and some sour fruits - a bit vinous. Taste starts a little sweet and light but then you get whacked over the head with a big lemony zesty sour hammer. Crisp and fizzy, tart and refreshing.
Conclusions: A bit of a wow beer for me. Even after the crap I had drunken beforehand it still kicked through as a little sour corker. Still puckering just thinking about it! 
Score: 9

Other things to mention:

  • Zero Degrees was good for a crowd and beers. The pitchers made sense and give us the opportunity to try out a few things. The pale ale was a big american C-Hop affair with a good bitterness. The Red Ale was a nice malt and treacle affair, and the mango fruit beer was better than it sounds. Food smelt good too but didn't get to try it out.
  • Urban Tap House is a little slice of beer geek heaven. Not cheap but great options and a good atmosphere. Enjoyed the Hadouken. 
  • Brains - not so good. The pint of SA I had was definitely off. 
  • The entire group managed (apart from a sex on the beach and a vodka) to order King Cobra rather than Cobra with our meal one night! It was actually better than I remember it but that might have been to do with the circumstances.
Overall great trip, very well organised (not by me a should hasten to add) with just the right amount of booze and carry-on. 

Right I'm off to detox till Friday. Well may be Thursday...



  1. There was nothing wrong with that Sex on the beach!

    1. anonymous eh... i wonder who you are... :)