Saturday, 10 August 2013

A beer for keeping...

I sometimes wonder why I'm trying to drink my way through “1001 Beers...”. Most of the beers are grand, but it feels like I'm always trying something new for the sake of it. There are loads of beers I already know I love but I don't buy as often as I should in my, probably ultimately fruitless quest, to try all the beers in the book.

Then I try something, basically just because it's in the book, that makes it all worthwhile...

From “1001 Beers...”

Beer 164
  • 3 Monts. Style: Biere De Garde, ABV: 8.5%.
    Description: First beer I've had to open with a cork screw! Poured straw colour with nice white head, with lingering lacing. Smells a wee bit funky. Initially tastes like a pilsner but then opens up into a complex sweet/sour beer, with grassy hops. Refreshing yet interesting. You would never know this was 8.5%. Quite fizzy with a mid body.
    Thoughts: Loved it, simple as that. Very different, but not unnecessarily whacky (I’m looking at you timmermans peche). Go try some, I'll be buying more, and looking out for more Biere De Garde's (though I believe this might not be an archetypical example of the style).
    Score: 8.5

Not from “1001 Beers..."

Number 64
  • Dark Lord. Style: Porter, ABV: 5%.

    Description: Opaque Black. Chocolate and toasted malt aromas. Slightly light mouth feel. Subtle coffee and toasted caramel flavours.
    Thoughts: I love a good porter. This shows a lot of promise, but doesn't quite deliver. Needs more flavour and a thicker body.
    Score: 6


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