Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sourly does it

Weird, wacky, and yet wonderful
Long day at work saw me looking into the fridge to see what interesting thing could help get me through to the weekend. Rather than something... normal, I thought lets try something a bit different!

Beer 125 from “1001 Beers...”
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru. Style: Flanders Red Ale, ABV: 6%.
    Description: Poured almost burgundy in colour with a beige head. What a smell - dark cherries and tart fruit, almost marzipan like at times. I little vinegar and sour mustiness. Sweet flavours, again under ripe fruits (especially cherry), oaky and spicy (from the mix of new and aged beers) with a sour, dry, crisp finish. Mid bodied with a little fizz that lasted well.
    Thoughts: I had this awhile ago (thus number 125) but was keen to re-try. This is one of those beers that is likely to split opinion. The guy in the vineyard who sold it to me isn't a fan. I can see why, but I completely disagreed. This is weird, wacky, and yet wonderful. I just love sour beers, and this is a great example. Try it, it might not be for everyone one but those who like sour beers are likely to love it.
    Score: 8.5


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