Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hilden Beer and Music Festival

So last night I headed up to Hilden Beer and Music Festival. It was a great night's crack. Lovely setting, good music, tasty food,and, most importantly, good beer! Even the rainy weather couldn't put a dampener on the event. I even got to tick another beer off the list (forgot my phone so no pics!).

Beer 166 from “1001 Beers...”
  • Exmoor Gold. Style: Golden Ale, ABV: 4.5%.
    My drinking buddy (hello abs!) described the beer as smelling “like a piss stained porta-cabin”. Not sure I would agree with this very specific description... Either way it tasted just fine but nothing too exciting
    Score: 5.5

Beer 57 outside the list
  • Hilden's Twisted Hop. Style: Golden Ale, ABV: 4%
    Lovely on cask from the brewery. See my review here.

Beer 68 outside the list
  • Thornbridge Lord Marples. Style: Bitter, ABV: 4%
    I'm a fan of Thornbridge. Despite this being the first pour out of the cask, it wasn't bad at all. Bitters don't do that much for me but this was quite drinkable.
    Score: 6

    Beer 69 outside the list
  • BG Sips (Blue Monkey). Style: Golden Ale, ABV: 4%
    Hoppy and fruity. Really enjoyed this.
    Score: 7

    Beer 70 outside the list
  • Barney's Beer Red Rye. Style: Rye Beer, ABV: 4.8%
    The use of rye made this a bit of a change for the taste buds. Started well but not a great finish.
    Score: 5.5

    Beer 71 outside the list
  • Hilden's Barney's Brew. Style: Wheat, ABV: 5%
    Description here. Light, peppery and spicy. A great way to finish my tasting at the festival.
    Score: 7

Things got busy as the night when on, a few more taps (may be a few more choices) would have eased the queues. But service was quick and friendly and the atmosphere great. Still two days to go. If you've no plans get yourself up to Hilden for a great day's crack. If you have plans, change them and support a local brewer!


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