Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Wild New Years Eve

Or Not

Christmas turned out to be relatively quiet for a number of reasons... I did make it out with the boys for one day on the beer. The Garrick produced lots of interesting options (including Erdinger Pikintus - beer number 49 from the list) and lots of solid beers from around the world, including plenty of local brews (more hopplehammer, mmm). Those of us who made it out after 6pm (the rest of you are faders) then hit the Hudson. Getting very impressed by the beer range - I mean Santa Paws on draft, Hoppy Christmas in bottles, and Founders and Kernel Beers in the fridge. Ace stuff if you want to try something different!  

I even managed a beer at home afterwards, and  better still it was on the list:

193. Galway Hooker
Style: Irish Pale Ale  ABV: 4.4%. Purchased: Gap Wines
Given this was after imbibing a few not it would be fair to go into to much detail on descriptions or conclusions on this one, but I have scribbled down OK and stuck in a score of 6.5! To be fair to the beer I'll buy again and give it a try and update if required...

I was housebound on NYE, but managed to hit the ever reliable Lighthouse Wines during the day to pick up a couple of treats to see in the New Year.

Number 123 outside the list:
Wild Beer Ninksai
Style: ? ABV: 9%. Purchased: Lighthouse Wines
Description: The reason for the question mark above is that Ratebeer describe this as a strong Belgian ale, Beer Advocate a Saison/farmhouse ale. It certainly didn't taste like anything I've had beer, and it wouldn't describe it as "beery". Whatever it is, it poured a pale yellow, with a huge white head (lots of tight little bubbles). The smell a bit funky, some apple, some pepper. The taste is a little tart and sour, like old apples. Very dry and slightly minerally. Dry, very fizzy, light bodies.
Conclusion: This was a bit of a weird one for me, I think I liked it but I couldn't drink alot of it. There was an awful lot going on, maybe a little too much. It actually hide the ABV very well. If you into unusual beers give it a try, though I'm not sure its something I'd buy again.
Score: The first couple of sips said 7.5, by the end I was closer to 6.5. Maybe a 7 is fair. 

Number 124 outside the list:
Wild Beer Fresh
Style: American Pale Ale ABV: 5.5%. Purchased: Lighthouse Wines
Description: Poured a hazy yellow, with a bright white head. Plenty of fizz. The aroma is totally tropical, citrus, mango, I got a slight funky sour smell as well. Wow this does taste fresh... really light tropical hoppy taste, lots of pineapple, grapefruit, mango, passionfruit, etc. Not much bitterness. Light bodied with lots of carbonisation. 
Conclusion: Really enjoyed this, pure light, bright, fresh, southern hemisphere hoppy heaven. Will be buying more!

I have a whack of wild beer to try out, along with a few more from the list (slowly getting towards 200!), so till next time


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